Podcast 307: dBridge


01 Beastie Respond “One More Second” (Exit) vs. Instra:mental “Watching You (acapella)”
02 Om Unit & Sam Binga “Triffidz” (Exit)
03 Fracture “Sick Wid It” (Exit)
04 Chimpo & Deesee “Dumb”
05 Chimpo “Haymaker”
06 Stray feat. Fracture “Bounce That” (Exit)
07 Stray “Professor Popper” (Exit)
08 Chimpo & Deesee “Bun It”
09 Kromestar “Purple Cloud” (Nebula)
10 Elek “Want You to Know” (Exit)
11 Stray “Matchsticks” (Exit)
12 Om Unit & Sam Binga “Electribe Riddim” (Exit)
13 Rockwell “*)* [808]” (Exit)
14 Stray “Dropping Bombs” (Exit)
15 Consequence & Fis “Cultural Trauma” (Exit)
16 dBridge & Skeptical “Move Way” (R&S)
17 Marcus Intalex “Gripped” (Exit)
18 Stray “LA Zoom” (Exit)
19 Kid Drama & Om Unit “Grind” (Exit)
20 Kid Drama “One 6 Eight” (Exit)
21 Nitri “Against Our Will (J:Kenzo Remix)” (Horizons)
22 J:Kenzo “One Drop” (Exit)
23 Philth “Nightmare Box (J:Kenzo Remix)”
24 Loxy & Resound “Residual Movement” (Exit)
25 Marcus Intalex “Qwer Key” (Exit)



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