Clima Interview For “Vykhod Sily” Podcast




Hello there! Please introduce yourself. Who are you and where are you from? 

Clima is the union of Javier Campos and Ernesto Gérez; we are a duo of djs and producers from Saragossa (Spain).

How long have you been producing?

We started as djs and been djing for several years, but we’ve been producing for 4 years, being the last year the one in which we took it more seriously deciding to create Clima and spending a lot of time working on our sounds in the studio.

Where did it all begin for you?

It began early last year when we decided to take the step of sending our music to different labels and trying to move our sounds, something we had never done.

We ask ourselves: “why not?” Although we had certain number of songs and many ideas, we had never dared to take the plunge.

Thereafter we spend more hours working than ever and trying to take everything to the next level and make it happen.

What was the main influence on you in terms of drum’n’bass music? What were the very first tunes that stroke you most?

If we go back to the beginning of our journey through drum and bass and before creating Clima, we got to say that there are a lot of influences that have affected our current sound.

The Metalheadz sound was our main influence, that’s so clear for us. For example classic tunes such as Goldie ‘Timeless’, Loxy & Ink ‘Shine’, Alex Reece ‘Pulp Fiction’, Doc Scott  ‘Swarm’, Photek ‘The Rain’, Source Direct ‘The Cult’ or Amit  ‘Pirates’ to name a few.
Over the years we’ve seen the evolution of all these sounds and it has taken us (almost without realizing) to the type of music we are producing nowadays. Also a trigger for us was the launch of Loxy & Resound LP “Burning Shadows” and the music made by people like Homemade Weapons, Amit, Dub Phizix, Skeptical, Gremlinz, Amoss, Red Army, Paragon, or labels such as Exit, Diffrent, Samurai, etc…
The sound of this dnb caught us completely and we think it is the closest thing to what we mean by contemporary dub.

Are you working in any other styles, if yes, please specify?

Yes, we are working on other types of sounds, but always related to the bass music regardless of the bpm of each style.

We try to make that our tunes have a mutual consistent, a characteristic sound whatever the style. For example we have some songs that are far from dnb, edited on labels as Slime Recordings or Anchorage Sound Recordings.

Do you have already any vinyl releases? Or are they just planned?

So far we have none, we certainly have plans to release some of our tunes in vinyl but we can’t reveal anything yet. Obviously it’s something we would love, because most of our music collection is on vinyl and we really love this format!  Although we know that today the industry and the public itself tends more towards the digital format.

What is the most significant release of yourself? And why?

If we have to be honest, what made us more excited was our tune “Bokor” released by Dubkraft Records, as it’s our first release and is part of a compilation entitled “Dubkraft Records: 3 More Years” where we share the cover with such names as Marginal, Loxy, Dominic Ridgway, Dyl or Asanyeh, so that was very important for us.
Even after we have other releases that are also very important to us both for the opportunity given and the trust placed in Clima; we’re talking about the releases ‘When it Rains it Pours’ EP on Turbine Music (Dust Audio), ‘The Fire Within’ our song in the VA compilation from the Rawganics crew with names as Paragon, Dyl, Metro, Justice, Mental Forces, Curious, Dominic Ridgway and Slaine involved on this, or the ‘Today’ EP for Slime Recordings.



What are you working at right now?

Right now we are very excited about our forthcoming releases on Diffrent Music, Skutta Records, Dust Audio and Rawganics.

We are also working on some remixes, some collaborations with other artists and doing several mixes/podcasts.

How do you like the idea of a collab working? Have you ever worked on tunes with any other producers?

We love the idea of collab working both to create a new tune and to make a remix of an existing one.
We have several collaborations, some of them already finished that will be released in a future, and others in which we are still working with names like Dyl, H.Shiratori, Paragon, Red Army, Future Roots, Aaron Static and Bsn Posse.

Are you using only digital or analog hardware as well? What musical software are you using at the moment?

Both, but basically we work with Logic also we have some midi keyboard, some old drum machines, multi-effects, delay pedals, microphones,cd and vinyl decks, etc. In addition we also have our vinyl collection to sample, get some ideas, etc…

Please, describe you sound? What’s special about it to capture listener’s attention?

We could describe it as dark and deep with a dubby feeling, but there are certain times when we make songs that have a much more melancholy vibe on it or we take it to another direction with more energetic and positive vibes. It’s difficult to describe sounds just in words at the end it’s all about feelings.

What attracts you personally in the sound you’re working at?

We’re attracted about using the current sonic possibilities and mix them with the ideas we have, based on all the old school music that we have not forgotten and that both have learned.

We try to keep a balance between old and new, contemporary music without forgetting the roots.

Will you name 3 drum’n’bass producers who stand out for you at the moment?

Name but to name three is very difficult, there are many artists that we actually like at the moment, but here are some of the names that we currently hear more:

Homemade Weapons, Red Army and Dexta & Mauoq.

How long did it you to realize that you were ready to step out with your very first release?

Javier: I made some songs and sent them to Ernesto but i honestly did not think they were quite good, and was never sure about sending the tunes to different labels.

Ernesto: While I was djing I tested some of the tunes that Javier sent to me mixing them with tunes from other established producers and I realized that they sounded pretty good, so then i talked with Javier and tell him about that these sounds couldn’t stay only in a room and they must go out and leave the walls of the studio.

Clima: We wanted to show these sounds and continue in this direction so we decided to start working together, developing our sounds under the Clima moniker and putting all our energy, time and efforts on this project.


Your dream or wish – what’s the label you want to see your release on?

Metalheadz; without a doubt, it has always been the label we liked most, from the past to present day; we love their progression, coherence and especially their sounds.

Have you heard anything about the podcast «Vykhod Sily»?

Yes, it sounds great! some time ago we were on mixcloud looking for sounds within what we like, as we usually do because we like to explore the internet and discover new music, so then we get here.

How do you see the future of the half step sound in the drum’n’bass scene?

We don’t know about what’s gonna happen with the half step sound, but what we know is that we love this sound and we are caught in it.For example in our country such sound is barely known but we notice that in other places it generates a healthy scene and tends to be bigger.  We think it’s a serious thing away from that kind of music that sounds like chainsaws, drills, trumpeting, etc. You know what we mean? LoL

What are positive and negative things have you observed in drum’n’bass music over the last couple of years?

Positive thing: there are many artists who dare to evolve and explore new lands, many producers with plenty of ideas and great sounds. Many people are still willing to risk.

Negative thing: the people that do not evolve and get stuck in the most commercial sounds, creating a sort of “wall”, preventing new and interesting things can reach a wider audience.

What will drum’n’bass be like in the nearest future, any ideas?

We have no idea that is what’s good about dnb, which throughout its history has been and is still evolving.

What’s the most important thing for the beginning producer?

Will you share an advice?

Perseverance. If this is what you really like, you should not fail, even if there are better and worse days you have to continue with the hard work and believing in what you do.

And the final words here?

Thank you for the interview and support! And of course we also want to thank each and everyone of the people who believe in us, we think that the best is still to come! 🙂

Thanks for the answers.

Keep it going and good luck with the new releases!

Thank you very much, big ups!!

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