LA Johnson & Baddesley Interview (SKUTTA RECORDS)


Hi! Please introduce yourself for those who don’t know and what label do you represent?

Hi. We are Baddesley and LA Johnson from Skutta Records based in Birmingham UK.

Is it digital or strictly vinyl, or both?

Digital. We may do Vinyl in the future possibly on a separate label.

What made personally you to start your own label? What will be so special about it?

The label was started to showcase future sounds of d&b and to provide new producers with the exposure they deserve alongside established artists. We aim to provide fresh forward thinking music from the finest talent.  There is an ever growing community of like-minded producers, DJs and labels and we are happy to be a part of it.

 What kind of sound are you going to push with your imprint?

We tend to focus on experimental yet dancefloor friendly d&b but good music is good music so we are open to anything.


 What artists will be released on your label? Name a few.

This year we have released music from Nativ, Arkaik, Clima, Future Roots and Jazzatron. Forthcoming releases include music from Resound, DYL, Clima, C-Side, Nativ, Mystic State, Jaydrop and a few bits from us to name a few.

How is important the cover art design for the label releases or music just goes first no matter how release cover looks like?

We stick to a traditional circular disc in the style of a record. This may change in the future but for now we like how it looks. The presentation is important as you need to stand out from the crowd and be memorable but first and foremost the quality of the music is most important.

EP’s, singles or may be LP’s also?

Yes all of the above.

 What can we expect from your label in the nearest future?

The next release is a track from Resound called ‘Rare Species’ with track from ourselves and Resound called ‘Deep Architecture’ which will be available on 11th August from, Digital Tunes, Juno, Beatport, iTunes etc. There is also a release from the brilliant DYL in September.

SKUTTA005 with urls

Any promo gigs?

Hopefully yeah. The problem we have is that there are a lot of international artists on our roster which means it would be too expensive to get everyone over to the UK at once. We will most likely put on a few parties with label artists on rotation alongside special guests.

Thanks for the answers!

Big respect!


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