Khords Interview (For Vykhod Sily Podcast)


Hello there! Please introduce yourself. Who are you and where are you from?
Hi. I am Khords and I come from Bordeaux, France.

How long have you been producing?
I produce since 2009.

Where did it all begin for you? What was the main influence on you in terms of drum’n’bass music? What were the very first tunes that stroke you most?
Calibre ! He has been and is still my fav producer. I collect all the 12″, ep and lp released on Signature. My first experience in dnb was a RAM mix in 2003. Then I’ve discovered Metalheadz and Goldie. I’ve bought Technics and a large amount of Metalheadz, Good Looking, Liquid V, Hospital releases, etc… Then, I’ve started to buy music from Exit, Auxiliary, Autonomic, Non Plus, Deep Medi, …

Are you working in any other styles, if yes, please specify?
Not so much.

Do you have already any vinyl releases? Or are they just planned?
Not yet !!! this is why i’ve started to produce. Let see what’s happen in the next months/years…

What is the most significant release of yourself? And why?
’85 Blue Pictures Ep’ my first EP signed by Loxy and Reza. I’ve had 3 ep released with my other alias ‘Mainger’ on Haunted Audio (US label). It was deep dubstep tunes ; really cool experience. But my first introduction in the dnb scene was with CX Digital. Loxy is so famous and representative of all the dnb spectrum ! this guy is almost a living legend for dnb lovers like me… so I was very honoured he accepts my music on his label.


What are you working at right now?
New halfstep/ambiant tracks. Try to find connections between movie soundtracks and dnb.. 🙂

How do you like the idea of a collab working? Have you ever worked on tunes with any other producers?
Of course it is a cool idea. I think you have to find the good persons, workflow, exchanges and feeling between 2 producers are very important. I only produce with R381 since 20 months. We work separately, but each tune is started by one of us and finished by the other one. It is about the trust and respect between two persons i think. I have others projects with MBurns (Dirty Tacos / Fr) and Broken Promise (CX Digital).

Are you using only digital or analog hardware as well? What musical software are you using at the moment?
Analog + Digital stuff. I work with Ableton Live + Komplete + Maschine + Microbrute.

Please, describe you sound? What’s special about it to capture listener’s attention?
I love OST. I try to mix OST with 85 bpm bass music . Also, Autonomic has been a atomic bomb in my musical universe. Auxiliary too. My general intention is always to create pads, texture, to sample OST and create a texture with all this material. Then i start to insert drums inside.

What attracts you personally in the sound you’re working at?
Be free.

Will you name 3 drum’n’bass producers who stand out for you at the moment?
Heart Drive / Sam KDC / Broken Promise

Your dream or wish – what’s the label you want to see your release on?
Ahah ! Secret !


How do you see the future of the half step sound in the drum’n’bass scene?
I prefer the deepside of dnb, but i am also a big 12″ collector. I like all the dnb scene.

What are positive and negative things have you observed in drum’n’bass music over the last couple of years?
Positive is the large amount of producer. Nothing negative for me 🙂

What will drum’n’bass be like in the nearest future, any ideas?
Still the same with lot of diversity I suppose.

What’s the most important thing for the beginning producer? Will you share an advice?
To take time. Less is more. Produce what you love and not what the people want to listen 🙂

And the final words here?
Big up to Loxy, Reza, Overlook, RQ, Gremlinz, R381, Broken Promise, Chet Matuto and all CX Digital Fam.

Thanks for the answers.
Keep it going and good luck with the new releases!


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