Cryogenics Interview For “Vykhod Sily” Podcast


Hello there! Please introduce yourself. Who are you and where are you from?

Hello im Takis aka Cryogenics and im from Athens,Greece!

How long have you been producing?

I was playing around with sounds for many years but more serious the last 6 or 7 years

Where did it all begin for you? What was the main influence on you in terms of drum’n’bass music? What were the very first tunes that stroke you most?

I guess all started back to ’91 when a friend of mine came in my place with a mixtape from a pirate radio station with some hardcore tunes. Well in terms of Drum & Bass/Jungle (and not Hardcore/ Breakbeat) all the early tracks from Goldie,Foul Play,Bay B Kane,Paradox & Dj Trax, Photek, Dj Trace, Dj Krust, Roni Size and the list goes on…But there is a tune that I cant stop listening to it till today… Rufige Kru – Terminator!!!

Are you working in any other styles, if yes, please specify?

Yes I’ m working in some other projects. Mostly Trip Hop and Down tempo stuff!

Do you have already any vinyl releases? Or are they just planned?

No not yet but I have 2 vinyl releases in 2015!

What is the most significant release of yourself? And why?

My LP on Omni Music (Through The Eons LP)…This LP came in a time that I didnt know which direction to follow in my music. Till then I was making more half step tunes or deep rollers.I released an EP on Omni Music lets say more oldskool !And then Eschaton asked me to make an LP. So that was the inspiration I was looking for to continue!For that reason I have to say a big thanks to Eschaton!!!!


What are you working at right now?

I’m working on an album for my own label Audio Theory Records!It will be ready before summer I believe!

How do you like the idea of a collab working? Have you ever worked on tunes with any other producers?

You can learn many things from a collab. You can see how the other producer works and to get inspired from it!
I made some collabs with Junior SP ,Beatride,Duckem,Primal Drumz,Simon Bean and the last one is with one of my fav producers from back in the days, Dj Trax!

Are you using only digital or analog hardware as well? What musical software are you using at the moment?

Im using only software at the moment but im thinkin to start buying some hardware!
My DAW is FL Studio and I’ m using many VSTi plugins!

Please, describe you sound? What’s special about it to capture listener’s attention?

I’m more into deep and atmospheric sound. Pads,space sounds,sub bass lines. Also I like to sample quotes from films that I like… I think ‘cinematic’ is the proper word to describe my tunes.
In general im trying not produce only one style.Thats why you gonna listen from me from deep atmo tracks to more dark stuff or minimal !!!

What attracts you personally in the sound you’re working at?

As I said before at moment im into deep and atmospheric sound with halftime beats or more ‘oldskool’ drum patterns! But in general the tag ‘cinematic’ will follow me!


Will you name 3 drum’n’bass producers who stand out for you at the moment?

There many producers please allow me to say more than 3!
Gremlinz,Loxy,Om Unit,Proto Adam & Alpha Eve,Rhythm Tek,Okee,Terminus, X-E-Dos and many more

How long did it you to realize that you were ready to step out with your very first release?

You are never ready I think till the time someone ask you to make a release!

Your dream or wish – what’s the label you want to see your release on?

My wish is to keep producing and expressing my feelings through my music!
About my dream now (hahaha) im a Metalheadz ‘kid’.I grow up with this sound so yeah my dream is to release something on Metalheadz! (someone to wake me up please)

Have you heard anything about the podcast «Vykhod Sily»?
How do you see the future of the half step sound in the drum’n’bass scene?

Yeah I think the podcasts are very close to what a like in d&b and congrats by the way!!!
Bout the half step I dont know what the future can bring but I know that artists like Gremlinz or Loxy can give us some very good tunes in this kind of d&b!!!And also there are many new artists making very beautiful half step tunes!

What are positive and negative things have you observed in drum’n’bass music over the last couple of years?

The positive is the return of the ‘breaks’ I think. Many producers are starting to insert funk breaks in their productions so this is a good thing in my opinion! The bad is the ‘lack of music’.Technology is really good but we talking bout music right? The last 2-3 years D&B is not moving forward.I believe it needs to get back to roots to find what it needs to move on!!!


What will drum’n’bass be like in the nearest future, any ideas?

More oldskool influncies and in general more ‘music’ in Drum & Bass!

What’s the most important thing for the beginning producer? Will you share an advice?

The most important is to have his ears open in any kind of music! And please dont try to copy your fav artist take what you like from him and do you own thing put yourself into and create your own character!

And the final words here?

First I want to say a big thank you for your support!!! Also I want to give my respect to some people. My respect to Dj Trax, Resonant Status & Block25 Studio , Odyssey Recs family,Terminus & Minus32 Recs, Eschaton & Omni Music,MsDos & Liquid Drops,Daz Breakz & Boomsha Recs,Junior SP & Innersense Productions,Yan & Monochrome Recs, my brotha Duckem & Indigo Movement , Mr Beatselector,Kasious,The Mutants , JungleTrain Radio and all labels,artists,djs who support!!!

Thanks for the answers.
Keep it going and good luck with the new releases!

Many thanks and all the best for the blog and the podcats!!!



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