The Untouchables Interview For “Vykhod Sily” Podcast


Hello there! Please introduce yourself. Who are you and where are you from?
hi this is Kay & Nitrox we are the untouchables from Brussels, Belgium.

How long have you been producing?
its been over 10 years now, but as the untouchables its been 7 years.

Where did it all begin for you? What was the main influence on you in terms of drum’n’bass
music? What were the very first tunes that stroke you most?

From back in 91/92 form the early days of jungle early influence was suburban bass &
deejay recording & many others! just as long as the music was good. Nitrox was on dj trax
– we rock most & for Kay its has to be Rebel MC Tribal Bass.

Are you working in any other styles, if yes, please specify?
No not at the moment.

Do you have already any vinyl releases? Or are they just planned?
Yea we do! there is Hungry belly on alphacut, tread this land (with morphy) & war of kings
& dreaded then land on 45seven! We’ve got a 12 on translation for the new year, & also
some tunes on the Illustration lp on Cylon & more to come in 2015…

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What is the most significant release of yourself? And why?
Hard to say really! they’ve all got a meaning & proud of all them!

What are you working at right now?
We just make music from the heart! without trying to fit anywhere! if it gets picked up its

How do you like the idea of a collab working? Have you ever worked on tunes with any other
Yea we’re up for anything really just as long as the vibe is there! we’ve done some collars
with Loxy, Resound, Gremlinz, Morphy, Homemade Weapons, amongst many others…


Are you using only digital or analog hardware as well? What musical software are you using
at the moment?
We run both! Digital & external hardware! We use Logic as our main arrangement

Please, describe you sound? What’s special about it to capture listener’s attention?
Bass driven music!

What attracts you personally in the sound you’re working at?
It all depends on what we’re working on! We just feed of each other & roll with the vibe!!

Will you name 3 drum’n’bass producers who stand out for you at the moment?
Omg thats so hard! There are so many good producer out there! So we’re gonna be cheeky.
& as we are 2 we’ll put 6! Loxy, Ruffhouse, Gremlinz, Overlook, Clarity, Paradox!



How long did it you to realize that you were ready to step out with your very first release?
We knew form the start that that was the idea!

Your dream or wish – what’s the label you want to see your release on?
We’re already very happy with what we have achieved our releases on 45seven,cx &
translation! & forthcoming tunes on Cylon & Samurai! We feel very blessed!

Have you heard anything about the podcast «Vykhod Sily»?

How do you see the future of the half step sound in the drum’n’bass scene?

Like all things that start small it will grow into bigger & better things!

What are positive and negative things have you observed in drum’n’bass music over the last
couple of years?
There is good & bad in all scenes & genres of music! The main thing is to stay true to the
music & keep doing you ting.

What will drum’n’bass be like in the nearest future, any ideas?
Hopefully more & more good music!

What’s the most important thing for the beginning producer? Will you share an advice?
Get yourself a good sound card & good studio monitors with a good mac or pc! & stay true
to your colours!! That should do it.

And the final words here?
Big up all the music lovers! supporting our sounds!

Thanks for the answers.! Keep it going and good luck with the new releases!
Thx man mush appriciated!

The Guest Mix from these guys they’ve done for my podcast  will be on air on December 25th on (10 pm UC+6). Tune in for some baaaadness!


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