26.02 Zul [Subvert, Singapore] Guest Mix in “Vykhod Sily” Podcast


My next week podcast guest is a quite well-known in 170 BPM electronica circuits guy  Zul from Singapore who’s behind an A Class Subvert Sessions Podcast Series and who’s blog http://subverthq.blogspot.ru/ I’ve been following for quite a log time. First I got to know this name from my fellow mate Sergey HijaQ who was pushing  sound on a deeper side of  drum’n’bass (or whatever you call it) things in 2011.  The stuff featured on the blog and the podcasts themselves make me want to contact this guy at some point and so it happened. The podcasts are quite a lot  similar to my own view on this spectrum. Lots of emotional, future-thinking, and deep stuff in them. Very proud to have such a guest in my regular podcast and it’s highly recommended to follow the blog to keep yourself fully updated. The write-up there is something to check out.

Subvert logo

The podcast with Zul’s guest mix will be on air online @ djstation.ru 26.02 at 8 pm (UTC+5)

All the MP3 Download Links will be available on the next day or so. Tune in!



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