Greekboy: interview for the LiquidBeatCafe Podcast



LBC: Hi! Tell us a little about yourself. How did you come to write your own music?

Greekboy: Well at young age i was learning piano for 5 years .And my passion for music was and still unlimited . Then i discover the rave scene at young age , i was 14 years old when accidently i hear a radio show here in Athens called “ Rave Alarm “ with my great friend Dbase . Then it was a great journey with this kind of music until now. All of those years i was dancing ,mixing and listening break beat , jungle,happy hardcore,intelligent drum and bass .In the year 2010 i was starting to experimental and learn how can i fix and produce music . And after a lot of hours , days and months learning i started to fix my own tracks.



LBC: What influences you besides music? Where do you get your inspiration?

Greekboy: My influences is ambient,classical music,jazz,funk,hip hop . My inspiration is the love that i have for Drum And Bass .Its complete me as a person and i believe that this kind of music has everything .


LBC: It feels like an influence of atmospheric dnb tunes from the end of 90`s in yor tracks. Which musicians from that period inspired you most?

Greekboy: Yes u have totally right . And im very glad that u mention it . Well ,it was a lot of great artist back then , but my biggest inspiration is LTJ  BUKEM.




LBC: Let`s talk about your show on Different Drumz, what’s the idea behind the show?

Greekboy: Yes i have a show at Different Drumz Radio almost  2 years now . I play there every Tuesday for 2 hours from 4-6 pm ( UK time ). The idea for to do a show first is to enjoy and have fun because i like a lot mixing.And to promote as i can new tunes and some forthcoming from various artists and labels and mine aswell.




LBC: You have a lot of collabs with Thiago Perry. How your colloboration began?

Greekboy: Yes with Thiago Perry we have work a lot together and the result was very good.I have a lot collaborations with a lot of artists like Msdos,Tim Cant,Dan Guidance,Innaself,D-Audi, Lady Emz ,Mark Halflite,Antonhy G,Soul Connection, my brother A.K.A ,Conspire,Payback,Lo Contakt , Dub Defense, Pixel,Radias,Simpa,Setitoff,.And i believe its very nice that i can work with those great artists because we exchange and mix our emotions and thoughts together inside our tunes.



LBC: How do you think, what will happen with drum`n`bass in the nearest future?

Greekboy: Its very hard scene but i want to believe that it will still remains and i hope to getting bigger and bigger.



LBC: Could you name 5 drum`n`bass tracks, which have had an impact to all culture, in your opinion?

Greekboy: This is very hard to me to choose only 5 tunes ,hahahahaha.They are so so many.But ill try . So i can say , Source Direct – Secret Liasions , Pfm – One and Only , Seba – So Long , A.K.A – Funk Style , Furney – You.



LBC: Please say a few words about your nearest creative plans. If it not a secret)

Greekboy: Its not a secret , well i have 3 lps that will be coming very soon .1 From Odyssey Recordings , 1 from Liquid Drops and 1 from Smooth N Groove . An ep of mine from Exiled and 2 tunes with A.K.A  will be as a  vinyl .And finally a big project will be coming soon with Lady Emz ( more information real soon ).




LBC: Tell us about your mix

Greekboy: I cant say a lot for my mix . Just listen and enjoy.


LBC: Your wishes to the listeners

Greekboy: My best wishes to all the listeners a lot of love and the most important thing a lot of  health to everyone.




Listen to the mix at  on friday 25th november at 9 pm gmt+3


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