Jazzatron: interview for the LiquidBeatCafe Podcast



LBC: Hi! Tell us a little about yourselves. How did you come to write your own music? How all began?

Jazzatron: HI to everyone, we meet eachother in the late 90’s. We was at the High School and both with a strong passion for Jungle Music. We started to make music in the early 2000’s when we bough the iconic groovebox Yamaha Rm1X. Lately we founded the project “Jazzatron” (around 2007), initially as a Live Act with singer, dj and drummer so in the first years we played a lot live around Italy.


LBC: What influences you besides music? Where do you get your inspiration?

Jazzatron: We are influenced by different things generally not strickly related to dnb. At the moment we are following the american Nu Soul (or organic grooves) scene and getting inspiration from some fresh musicians or bands like Thundercat, The Internet, Jose James, RH Factor and more… another approach is to make samples using our analog gears (synth, filters and more) then use it to assemble experimental works.




LBC: Could you highlight the representatives of the Italian drumnbass scene, deserving our attention?

Jazzatron: At the moment there are a lot of good producers in Italy such Wasabe, Neve, Lynch… they are trying to get a real italian sound.


LBC: Tell us about your hobbies besides music, if there are any

Jazzatron: We like to make music video and design too




LBC: What equipment do you use at work, software or hardware?


Ableton Live (Daw)

Studiomaster Trilogy 406 (analog mixer that we use for sound processing)

Yamaha RS7000 (groovebox and sampler with great old school sounds)

Roland SH32 (analog modeling subtractive synth, great for farting basses)

Korg Volca Beat (the kick + saturator is perfect to make tipycal kick-bass)

Studio Electronics MODMAX (analog filter and envelope/lfo)

Nord Drum 1 (great for footwork oriented stuff)

Korg Volca Keys and different electronic sound toys

Acoustic percussions of various types


LBC: How do you think, what will happen with drum`n`bass in the nearest future?

Jazzatron: We really don’t know, drum’n’bass is able to reinvent own self, let’s see…




LBC: Could you name 3 or 5 drum`n`bass tracks, which have had an impact to all culture, in your opinion?


Goldie – Timeless

Photek – Modus Operandi

Klute – Part Of Me

Dbridge – Cornered


LBC: Tell us about your mix

Jazzatron: As usual, we make a mix only with our own productions, you will listen some dubplate too.


LBC: Your wishes to the listeners

Jazzatron: We hope you’ll enjoy our music!





Listen to the mix at http://radio.dropthebass.ru/  on friday 3th February at 9 pm gmt+3



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