PAYBACK: interview for the LiquidBeatCafe Podcast


LBC: Hi! Tell us a little about yourself. How did you come to write your own music? How all began?

PAYBACK:  I was originally a battle dj competing in the DMC finals I love hip hop and drum and bass always
LBC:  What influences you besides music? Where do you get your inspiration?

PAYBACK:  People living my music gives me inspiration always trying to improve on my production drives me on to


LBC:  How do you start writing a track, do you have a certain sequence of actions?

PAYBACK:  Normally when I start writing a track I have an idea in mind whether it’s a certain style or sample I can create around. More often than not I always start with the beats and melody then build around that idea
LBC:  What equipment do you use at work, software or hardware?

PAYBACK:  I’ve always used Cubase and Reason and a midi keyboard


LBC:  Tell us about your hobbies besides music, if there are any

PAYBACK:  I love sports and fishing
LBC:  How do you think, what will happen with drum`n`bass in the nearest future?

PAYBACK:  Drum and bass is always growing and evolving probably because there are more up and coming artists arriving on the scene all the time,I think it can only be a good thing


LBC:  Could you name 3 or 5 drum`n`bass tracks, which have had an impact to all culture, in your opinion?

PAYBACK:  there are so many I think good looking records had a big impact on a lot of people because it changed the genre to a different style of dnb



LBC:  Tell us about your mix

PAYBACK:  My mix is all realeased tracks from various labels the aim of this is if people like the tracks they can go buy them rather than waiting for them
LBC: Your wishes to the listeners

PAYBACK:  Hope the listeners like my style of dnb there’s plenty more to come watch this space and finally thank you for having me on your show BIG UP!!



Listen to the special guest mix at  on friday 17th March at 9 pm gmt+3


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