Draeil x Vykhod Sily Podcast (Interview)

As you know the podcast is getting now a bit more diverse in terms of general format concept encompassing not only 85/170 BPM electronica and drum-n-bass things but also some ambient, industrial, somatic techno bits. Of course it should be mostly dark, deep and cinematic at times. Keeping this in mind I started searching for the projects which could meet my likings and provide something really cool. My Serbian DnB connection to Denis aka Alg0rh1tm led to another angle of his creative activity apart from the deep halftime things I knew him for. The point was that he and 2 of his fellow mates are messing with synths crafting analogue ambient soundscapes as Draeil. Soon after that their cassette release saw the light https://perfectaesthetics.bandcamp.com/album/untitled-2 and it instantly captured my attention.
I was taken by the unique sound of the hardware and the guys’ skills in creating spaces and textures. So with no doubt I wanted them to represent what they had in my podcast as a Live PA. And it happened. Please meet Draeil the three Serbian guys keeping people’s minds blowing with their genuine analogue sounds.

Vykhod Sily: Hello guys! Very pleased you gave me a positive signal being agreed to cooperate and I’m very glad to have you as the special guests now. Please introduce yourself?
Draeil: Hello, thanks for having us! We are all located in our hometown Subotica, which has record-high values of suicide rate in Serbia and Europe, and pretty much explains the mood of our sound. Our never ending love towards music was what connected us, we’re all vinyl junkies and the record collecting was the trigger, which moved us closer together.

Vykhod Sily: Is Draeil a comparatively new project? Or does it probably have a long history which has been concealed from the audience so far?
Draeil: Three years ago, we started these bedroom sessions, but Draeil as a concept was formed a year ago. The project has not been exposed to the sunlight until now.

Vykhod Sily: What was the musical background of each of you? Tell us about your main influences?
Krisztian: Early black metal demos and mostly Scandinavian experimental music (tape looping techniques, field recordings, etc.)
Denis: Drum’n’bass from the late 90s, and early 2000s, blended together with the flexibility of the new post Autonomic scene and IDM. Labels such as, Certificate 18, early Subtitles, Schematic, Auxiliary.
A. A.: Sonic Youth, Swans and electronic music from the mid 90s. Some of our joint influences are Abul Mogard, Mica Levi, Autechre, etc.

Vykhod Sily: You had a cassette release on Perfect Aesthetics label. How did it come to it?
Draeil: We felt, that now is the time to share what have we got. We left those recorded sessions as they were, we only made some slight editing, so it would be more adequate for listening.

Vykhod Sily: What is it like to work in three at the same time in a studio?
Draeil: Usually one of us starts the recording session, while the others help out by adding new motives, building it up with different elements.

Vykhod Sily: Well-organized and pre-prepared creative process with the ideas thoroughly put or just theflow of improvisation? What side are you sticking to?
Draeil: The process is completely improvised. In the beginning we agree to some structure that we plan to follow, but after the first few minutes everyone deviates from the path, and goes on his own direction, which leads to a completely new thing that absolutely does not match the original plans.

Vykhod Sily: Who is responsible for what in your creative process?
Draeil: None of us holds on for a given role. The gear, which is in front of us, gives the framework where we are able to move around. But each of us is covering some of a more typical feature, in which we move more freely.
A. A.: melody, soundscapes
Denis: soundscapes and rhythm
Krisztian : sound processing, noise elements

Vykhod Sily: What does your setup look like? Any plans to upgrade it at some point if yes so what is needed most?
Draeil: Our setup is based mainly on Korg products and we are very excited about the new Lyra-4.

Vykhod Sily: Your future plans guys? What should we expect from you three?
Draeil: We are planning on our first live appearance, soon at a local venue, and we’re also working on to take part in an independent radio station, which will be uncovered in the near future.

Vykhod Sily: Tell a few words about the Live PA you have crafted for the podcast?
Draeil: This recording is a compilation from our recorded archive sessions, cutting and mixing together with minor postproduction. Also there is an extended version for one of our tracks, from the release.

Vykhod Sily: Your sound is perfect in my opinion for the OST’s or something in that field? Would you like to work as the sound designers for any of the projects related?
Draeil: If we would have such an opportunity, we would gladly accept it. Through our sessions we often watch movies or some motion pictures, because some scenes may inspire us.
VykhodSily: And the final words guys for the podcast listeners?
Draeil: Duck and cover!

Listen and download the exclusive live session for the Vykhod Sily podcast: https://hearthis.at/vykhodsily/draeil/

Strictly hardware.

Interview: Rustee @ Vykhod Sily (c) 2017

Photo: Ana Djelmis


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