MPOD 044 Rustee


MJAZZ label has always been innovative to me, found it a home for plethora of original ideas and as an imprint of an exceptional creative approach.   Throughout its existence period Justice (later  with Metro)  have revealed lots of amazing and progressive musical works  to us, having released both  tunes of their own and much breath-taking stuff from a bunch of talented, less known producers. There are no stereotypes or cliché in their vision, the guys are free of style limitations. Some kind of inner freedom which keeps the label active and fresh take on ordinary things that’s what makes this very label stand out for me personally.  Bold interpretations, acoustic mutations, ambience, cinematic kind of things, analogue hardware esthetics, unconventional design solutions.  Sometimes they seem to live in the universe of their own, in a kind of self-contained space without being dependent on other peoples opinion. Without feeling any pressure caused by the modern trends or apart from the predatory musical industry. The tunes, the releases live their lives, they got an identity. So organic . Now and then they sound so convincing so you can fancy someone who forgot to deactivate the accelerator in a musical time machine straying somewhere between the past and the future.

w4hrWjTOyI8 Retrofuturism if it can be said like that, applies the best way to what the label is all about.  In their attitude towards creativity and innovation these guys are second to none. I’ve been supporting the label all this time mostly as a blogger but now I guess the moment is right to step up with something new. I’d like to represent a mix which was crafted specially for MPOD. It’s a little bit longer than I normally do and encapsulating the spectrum of the label production over the last decade (Justice & Metro works, remixes, tunes from the comps), musical pieces of a like-minded artists which can be definitely called «the futurists»  (ASC, Sam KDC, DAAT, Blocks an many others) plus various future –thinking gems which perfectly fit  this retro futuristic context.

So enjoy this one my friends. It’s an honor for me to see my mix on the MPOD list and I hope you feel what I feel at this moment.

Rustee Guest Mix For Intelligent Music Community (Russia)


“When I got an offer from the Intelligent Music Community to record guest mix for their podcast , I have already got the exact picture of mix. Labyrinths of dreams, travels inward, microcosmos, fragments of memories, orbits of new planets, the distant future, escapism… my goal was to create an organic, holistic narrative that is unfolding in his structure and taking the listener onwards to a new contemporary sound nuances. Depth, ambience and futurism – became the primary filter in the selection of musical material. Hopefully it will have the liking of fans of sci-fi, emotional electronics and just dreamers. Published without tracklist, with the intention not to distract the listener with the names or titles as it will give freedom and the opportunity to immerse themselves in the music space mix impartially and thoroughly”.
Rustee (Ekaterinburg, Russia)